Thirty Good Minutes

M and M Production Design has a collaborative approach to Scenic Design. With you, the client, we help clarify priorities and articulate goals. The sets we develop support the shows for which they are designed in a unique way, enhancing the production and taking the needs of the entire team-directors, lighting and costume designers, engineers and stagehands-as well as the budget into consideration.

Through visualization, M and M’s designers insure that you know and understand the set and shots and audience points-of-view prior to the start of construction. After discussing the needs of your project, we create preliminary sketches and ground plans. We utilize a variety of illustration techniques appropriate to your specific project. They may include white or full-color models, 3-d computer visualizations, and draftings.  Incorporating your feedback, we make any necessary revisions and present final drawings for your approval.

After the design is approved, we continue to be involved through the construction process, load-in and rehearsals and work closely with the other members of the production team to assure the integrity of the design.

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